Pathology Case Study Analysis; Invasive Aspergillosis

Pathology Case Study Analysis; Invasive Aspergillosis
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Invasive Aspergillosis is an apparent mild disorder in individuals with a weak immune system. The infection is commonly associated with exposure to fungi of Aspergilla species. Introduction and orientation to Aspergillus are frequent; however, the invasive disease is unpopular because of the management by host immunity in no immunosuppressed hosts. The popular known causative agents for the infection include either glucocorticoid or neutropenia. Additionally, other causes include solid organ implantation, especially lung transplantation, critical illness, the use of biologic agents, and pulmonary infections. 
Being a fungal infection, Aspergillosis emerges from various Aspergillus species. Due to different situations, there are possibilities that the condition develops in both immune-competent and immune-compromised individuals. The client accepts using an immune suppressant, the reason for the emergence of symptoms described through the scenario. Various medications such as methotrexate and prednisone affect the body’s immune system through suppression. Combining these two kinds of drugs results in advanced effects; hence the client shows various symptoms such as fever, chills, and fatigue. The use of immune suppressant drugs to cure inflammatory infections, for instance, rheumatoid arthritis in the case scenario, generates a high infection rate with Aspergillosis. Thus the development of the condition starts with escaping conidia into hyphae, causing the invasion of respiratory tissues in the lower part. The attack thus destroys respiratory tissues in the lower region.
Additionally, the patient indicates various signs, including blood and pulmonary infections, as evidenced through chills, fever, and general body weakness. Thus the client’s suppressed immune system fails to protect the body from foreign substances such as the fungus that caused the development of the infection (Deigendesch, Nunez,

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