Perform and Interpret a Meta-Analysis

Perform and Interpret a Meta-Analysis
Week 4 – Assignment: Perform and Interpret a Meta-Analysis for Publication
As the healthcare administrator for healthcare research-focused organization, you have been collaborating with a team of researchers from across the country by
working on a systematic review. The systematic review process is an intensive and time-consuming endeavor that includes:
Gathering evidence from the literature.
Synthesizing the evidence gathered.
Perform and Interpret a Meta-Analysis
Disseminating findings through manuscript publication in peer review journals.
As you work with your team to develop the manuscript to be published in a high-impact journal, your team agreed to present a summarized version of all the quantitative data gathered by conducting and interpreting a meta-analysis. As a result, the team tasked you with developing a Forest Plot that will be used to present your evidence in the manuscript being prepared for submission in a peer-review journal.
Using the data sent to you by one of the analysts (see Resource list for the data to use),
Use the Open Meta-Analyst (OM) open-source software for performing meta-analyses [funded by the Agency for Healthcare Quality Research (AHRQ)].

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