Personal Development Plan summary

Personal Development Plan

How will I get them?
What resources and support will I require?
What can prevent me from achieving my goals?
Time duration

Management skills

By observing and maintaining all the work activities and employees and also solving the issues on the service of the customer, cleaning skills . Doing all the work with efficiency motivates the employees to do their work properly (Kapur., 2021)
To improve the management skill, the necessary requirements is time management as it is the most vital part. Proper training courses in time management help me to develop the management skills. 
As a housekeeping supervisor take care of the employees is also necessary as anytime any employees can fall sick or become ill that can hamper the motivation of the other employees. 
At Least four months

Communication and confidence skills
Clear communication with the employees and understanding the proper instructions help them to create a better performance within the hotel as communicating with the employees motivates the employees to do their work more effectively (Saibovich., 2019). Also, listening to everyone’s demands and trying to fulfill them makes me more comfortable with the employees. 
Practice communication with the employees and customers , other staff and even with the family and friends improve my communication skills. 
Falling sick or illness is also a drawback in the communication system it lack overconfidence level. 
At least three months

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