Personnel management (singapore) | Human Resource Management homework help

Choose any existing company of your choice operating in Singapore. The company can be from any industry.
Imagine that you have been appointment as the Human Resource Manager of the chosen Company.
Your boss has asked you to prepare a report recommending job analysis and job design, recruitment and selection strategies that can be adopted by the company to fulfill its staffing needs in view of overall Personnel Management strategies.
Organize a 2,000 words ( /- 10%) report as follow:
1) Introduction of the chosen company, nature of its business and its general plans in Singapore. – 100 Words ( /- 10%)
Note: To include Reason of Vacant Position.
2) Job analysis that includes Job description and Job specification of a chosen department or a position in the company. – 400 Words ( /- 10%)
Note: Job description include the Task, Duties

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