Philosophy in business ethics assessment

Philosophy in business ethics assessment
Compose a 500 words essay on Philosophy in business Ethics. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Some employees are sent away while others are hired at the expense of the existing ones. As per the FCC regulations, these mergers will allow a greater share in the overall print and media industry while at the same time increasing the geographic control within the market. This would further exacerbate the issues that would be a cause of concern for the employees and the BSSl.
Philosophy in business ethics assessment
These mergers and acquisitions allow the companies to gain large shares of the market and become tiny monopolies in their right effectively reducing the competitors’ value in the market to almost non-existent. There are already media giants operating within the media market who are supporting these recommended changes as these mergers have allowed them the position that they have secured in the market today. They effectively control the media and television industry.
The ethical and legal implications that can arise from the above situation is the existence of unfair competition, pressure on smaller sized companies to merge with larger ones in order to survive, the monopolization of geographical region which in itself goes against the practice of fair trade and practice and the smaller companies are hence not able to get the important stories due to the lack of resource availability in contrast to the larger companies.
Philosophy in business ethics assessment
For BSSL, the legal ramifications would be huge as it would mean trying to compete with companies which have access to more resources, greater networking and better connections in order to secure important stories, interviews etc. these mergers and acquisitions have made it virtually difficult for BSSL to compete on the same grounds and though the media industry has never been about “perfect competition”, yet granting 45 percent of the market control to a few giants effectively makes things quite difficult for BSSL.
The employees of

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