Pilot Implementation Report Assignment

Pilot Implementation Report Assignment
The prototype you created for the project app has been approved, and it’s now time to run a pilot test in the field to uncover potential issues. For this assignment, you will create a report describing the resources you’ll need to implement your test and a user acceptance checklist that ensures the app meets requirements.
Now that your app has been prototyped, your team will host a live deployed test at the San Antonio, TX, field office that will validate the function, usability, accessibility, and security of the app. Fifty people will test it, including field agents and their managers.
Create a 2–5-page pilot implementation report for your company’s IT executive that addresses the following:
· Craft an executive summary that states the purpose of the report, as well as a conclusion paragraph that ties everything together.
· Describe the resources necessary to validate the application in a functional environment not co-located with the production/testing facility but instead at an operational location elsewhere in the United States—in this case, the San Antonio field office.
2. Include all the human resources (support staff in addition to the testers) needed to implement this test.
Pilot Implementation Report Assignment
1. Provide the rationale for needing these resources, supported by research.
2. Include the physical hardware and software you will need to provide for all 50 testers.
2. Provide the rationale for needing these resources, supported by research.
· Explain how long you will run the pilot test and why.
Pilot Implementation Report Assignment
· Design a pass/no pass user acceptance checklist that validates functionality and features, per the specifications for the app. Use an Excel spreadsheet to create your checklist. You may either paste the checklist into your report or submit it as a separate document.
· Incorporate a minimum of three credible and relevant resources to support your plan.

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