Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

An excellent manager is a person who can be able to cultivates a dedicated, productive, and successful team that punches far beyond its weight. Any firm that is successful needs competent management. Effective managers attract exceptional personnel, establish the firm as a desirable employer, and support the organization in increasing market share, increasing profits and surpluses, and reducing costs. Their personnel is committed, eager, and ready to go the extra mile.
However, there is much more to it than just telling people what they should do to achieve management success. Managers are responsible for various tasks, the most important of which are Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. 
Planning is the first of management’s responsibilities. Planning is a continual process that varies according to corporate, division, departmental, and team goals. It is up to the manager to select which should plan target within their territory. Planning is essential in my daily life in that; it helps me figure out what I want to do and how I will get there ahead of time so I can be ready when they start. This is an excellent example of setting up my daily plans and meetings/activities. I need to think about time and other things.
Management’s second duty is to organize. This role includes planning how I distribute resources, arranging my time, and monitoring the plan. This is wonderful for when I have afternoon lessons yet need to shop. I go shopping but leave my stuff at the registration desk since I’m unsure when my classes will conclude.
The third role is leadership, in which I take purposeful and daily actions to increase the connection, communication, and community in my immediate context. Another example of day-to-day administration is effectively engaging people in meaningful ways, motivating and empowering them.
The last management function is controlling. To ensure that I finish my daily responsibilities, I develop a to-do list. When I have a lot to accomplish, I prioritize and schedule it. Of course, there are certain things I cannot control. I deal with them when they arise. I’ve gotten rid of much of my life’s uncertainty. So, I am sure that whatever the day brings, I will manage it.
My most preferred method of communication is by speaking through the telephone, whereas my least preferred method is sending letters. I can get immediate feedback by communicating through the phone, while letter sending takes time to receive the input. 
Managers in all organizations are responsible for developing and executing this management process. Managers have four primary responsibilities: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
A manager’s ability to communicate and encourage others, organize, delegate, and have strong interpersonal skills are critical. It is essential to have problem-solving, decision-making capabilities, foresight, and strategic thinking.
Uncertainty about the future, employee well-being, measuring team productivity, and developing corporate culture are just a few issues managers now confront.

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