POL 370 American Political Behaviors

American Political Behavior
New Technology and Realignment
POL 370 American Political Behavior: New Technology and Realignment
Module 6/Discussion 1 — New Technology and Realignment
What role will technology, including social networking, play in fostering a realignment of the electorate?
The coming of the new millennium, has introduced a significant change, which has affected political scenes significantly. Modern technology today is key in all aspects of human interaction. To the same extent is the connection in politics. The rise of social applications of networking like Twitter is key in passing messages from one person to another. Hence, it is critical to note that many political people influence citizens and communicate easily to their supporters and fans through these sites. In the same way, they increase their votes and win the confidence of many people by quickly responding to their requests and challenges. Consequently, is the effect in the realignment of the electorate? It is essential to note that this is a quick means of influencing the American opinion (2008).
Do you agree or disagree with the authors that a national political realignment began with the 2008 election? Justify your answer.
I agree with the authors thought that 2008 was the year of national political realignment. During this year, the presidential campaigns were extensively done using electronic media. Most of the plans to use brochures failed as the young generation was not responding to them. This is crucial to note as most of the people contributing to the national opinion is the young generation. In addition, young people easily influence one another using electronic communication. Hence, 2008 was the opening of a new era in national political scenes because the candidates that used electronic media to communicate easily obtained votes and won favor of the majority thus the electoral realignment (Winograd

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