Population Crises and Emergencies

Nursing homework help: Week 1: (250-300 words total, 2 sources)
-What is the role of public health in times of Population Crises and Emergencies?
-How does the National Response Framework relate to the role of public health?
-How does the Incident Command System improve emergency response?
Week 2: (250-300 words total, 2 sources)
Why are public-private partnerships important in the National Incident Management System?
During medical triage, which organizations or partnerships are involved in START triage?
What are some strategies to improve inter-agency communications and coordination between local, state, and federal governments?
Week 3: (250-300 words total, 2 sources)
Discuss a scenario (your experience if possible) when an attempt to control health problems was implemented. Be sure to focus on the health of a community, rather than the individual patients.
How are rapid needs assessments used during disasters and emergencies?
Week 4: (250-300 words total, 2 sources)
What facilities and procedures does your organization or your local fire district/hospital have in place for infectious or emerging pandemics for public health preparedness during disasters or emergencies?
Do you believe that the facility or practice is adequate to meet the demands of a large volume of infected patients? Why or why not?
Week 5: (250-300 words total, 2 sources)
Does your community have mechanisms in place for early detection of a potential bombing and the infrastructure to mitigate loss of life during and after an event?
What are the reporting procedures?
Have they been practiced or drilled in your community?
Week 6: (250-300 words total, 2 sources)
What natural disaster is your local community at highest risk?
Considering this information, what are the triage, mass casualty care, and public health challenges involved in a response to this disaster?
If you have experience in natural disaster response, please share your stories and insights with the class.
Week 7: (250-300 words total, 2 sources)
Does the United States’ emergency response plan have a process for managing a major nuclear disaster?
Discuss the medical response preparedness plans in communities co-located with nuclear plants.
Is your community at risk of a nuclear disaster?
Week 8: (250-300 words total, 2 sources)
What are some mental health effects for emergency responders during a disaster?
What are some mental health effects for individuals, families, and communities during a disaster?
How would you include mental health in a disaster response plan?
How do disasters impact children?

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