Populations most affected by homelessness

Populations most affected by homelessness
The children
The children are the most affected population by the homelessness problem. Many of these children are runaways who escape from their families because of different reasons live family violence. In contrast, others run to the streets because of child neglect, abandonment, and family separation. These children resort to living in the streets since they have no other option or anywhere to turn to as the society may not be welcoming enough to take them in and accommodate them. These children grow on the streets, making up street families in the long run. 
The youth
The youths also suffer a significant risk of being homeless, just like the children. Many kids who have attained the age of 18 years and above but are still jobless or financially unstable are incapable of acquiring a home for themselves, yet they are considered adults. These youths either stay with their parents or move in with their friends and relatives, who accommodate them as they wait to start a life of their own upon acquiring a home. Since they are adults but do not have a home or house for themselves, they are considered homeless.

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