Pre-essay assignment: character analysis plan sheet

Fill out the plan sheet based on your analysis of Phoenix Jackson from “A Worn Path” story. You should type your responses on the plan sheet.

Author/title:  “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty. 

Importance of Character: Fully explain what this character tells us about the human condition and our own lives. (The human condition is briefly defined here (Links to an external site.). A good “importance of character” statement can help lead to a good thesis statement).  (5 pts)

Thesis: Makes an assertion about the character in a clear and concise statement and includes subpoints that show you’ve analyzed the inner character of the character. Or, you can list two or three of the main traits you see in the character. For example:  Scrooge shows through his words and actions he is a profoundly miserable person, but when he is forced to see how his actions hurt others as well as himself, he transforms into a kind and loving person.  (5 pts)

Subpoints: At least two subpoints and supporting quotes (Note: Only one phrase or sentence quote is necessary per paragraph, but it’s good to select at least two quotes that support each subpoint, so you can pick from those quotes while drafting your essay.)  Topic sentences tie directly into thesis. (5 pts)

Conclusion:  A working statement in one or more sentences that sums up your ideas. (5 pts)

The book pdf is here so you can go there and find the full story. It’s on chapter 23. Thank you.

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