Presentation: Course Reflections and Future Direction of Adaptive Project Management

You are the newest project manager in the Program Management Office (PMO). You recently completed a course in adaptive project management. You are tasked with providing a briefing at the next PMO staff meeting on your findings.
You are instructed to keep it short. You will write a detailed narrative in the speaker notes that accompany the slides. You will provide your assessment of the future of adaptive project management along with your justification and reasoning. You will also describe and assess the value of what you gained from the course that can be applied in the future. Your peers in the PMO are the target audience for this presentation. 
Keep your presentation format to five slides composed in bullet point format.                          Describe the results of your assessment for the future of adaptive project management.      Describe the course’s value and future application.                                                                    Include speaker notes within each slide that elaborate on the corresponding topic for presentation purposes.

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