Program Planning Project

Nursing homework help:
Part 1
Using the data collected on your chosen public health issue and the target population it affects, develop a goal for your program planning project. After you write your initial goal, use the checklist questions to guide the development of your goal. Refine your goal as needed until all criteria are met.
Criteria for Assessing Goal
Does your goal explain what the program intends to accomplish?
Does your goal set a long-range direction?
Is your goal a broad general statement?
Does your goal specify the problem and define the target population?
If you answered “yes” to all, your goal is ready. Proceed to Part 2.
If you answered “no” to any, your goal needs refinement. Make necessary changes, apply the criteria, then proceed to Part 2.
Part 2
Use the template below to develop two process objectives that support your goal. Process objectives should:
1. Focus on the activities to be completed in a specific time period
1. Enable accountability by setting specific activities to be completed by specific dates
1. Explain what you are doing and when you will do it
Begin by stating your process objective. Provide a rationale for your stated objective. After you write your initial objective, use the SMART criteria questions in the checklist below to assess each objective to determine if it is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). Adjust your objectives as needed until all the criteria are met.
Process Objective

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