Property Law Homework Assessment

Property Law Homework Assessment
On his bed, he realises minimal chances of survival and calls for a meeting. He gives Sonya a cheque worth £100,000 on his own current account and note meant to transfer ownership of his shares of the house to her. The main issue in this scenario is the gifts that Leo gives to Sonya. The transfer of ownership depends on whether Leo dies. An issue may arise where Leo recovers from the disease and Sonya is not ready to surrender the gifts (Lorberbaum, 2001, p. 46). 2
4.He gives Sharon the key to his tin box under his bed telling her the contents belonged to her. The main issue in this scenario is the transfer of the gifts that Leo gives to Sharon. The transfer of the property will not be possible if Leo recovers, and he gives since he realizes minimal chances of survival.3
Property Law Homework Assessment
5.He gave Ben his accountant’s business card, telling him to contact him and get ownership of all his share certificates, sell them and give the proceeds to Leo’s students in equal shares Siam (Legal International, 2001). An issue might arise concerning the authority to transfer ownership of share certificates. Ben must be convinced that Leo has approved the transfer.4
6.Leo recovers from the illness. A part of the roof falls on him on leaving for his first walk since the infection, and he dies instantly. The main issue in this scenario is the death of Leo. It is accidental, therefore, all the gifts that he had given out succeeds.
Property Law Homework Assessment
7.Ben arranges to sell the shares and spend the proceeds on a holiday. The main issue in the scenario is the sale of shares. Ben arranges to surrender his shareholding in the house which is possible since he is the legal owner of the house.5
2.The property concerning this scenario falls under estates. Donatio mortis causa is a method through which ownership of property passes without the need to comply with the formalities of Wills Acts when death occurs. The courts develop and extend the doctrine on a case-by-case basis. This results in the

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