Pros and Cons of Energy Sources

Pros and Cons for Oil
Pros Cons
– Readily available
– Creates jobs for economy when required to drill and transport
–  Largest provider of electricity
– The world has been using oil for the last 100 years
– Not much new technology will be required to extract oil
– Use of oil continually grows the U.S. economy
–  If certain regions would be allowed to drill oil in, then more oil could be extracted and the price could lower for gasoline
– Production of oil rigs could lead to the development of more industrialized areas, thus creating even more jobs for citizens.  
– disturbs wildlife and environment when required to drill
– The U.S. is highly dependant on oil
–  As the amount of oil decreases the cost for oil will rise
– Production of harmful greenhouse gasses
– Demand for oil is too high
– More than 80 million oil barrels are used each day
– Many factors disrupt the production in oil. Ex. Wars, political disputes, environmental protestors
– Growing economical countries and highly developed nations use most of the worlds oil supplies
– Geologists are unsure of how much oil is left in the ground and unsure of how much longer oil will sustain the needed amount of energy  
Pros and Cons for Coal
Pros Cons
– common and readily available  
– coal is an abundant source of energy
– inexpensive to burn
– the world is unlikely to run out of coal reserves anytime soon
– if used as a primary source to provide heat and electricity to people, then it is likely that the

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