Prototype Wireframe

Team Deliverable 1
This is a bout building the skeleton of the Functional Prototype and building the interaction flows or ‘click streams’
Provide your Project or Design Brief of your team project
Collect previous material your team gathered (see Appendix) and summarise what is relevant to this project. If you do not have it yet, provide new work on
Ethnographical data
Provide a Context analysis of the data from your contextual enquiry. Consider the main themes you found, eg People wanted utility, or an informative site. Then consider some aspects you can design for, eg the UX they want to achieve that goal, the sort of task they want to do, the number of steps to do that and any other feature they want
This is another way of generating user stories, so fill in the categories of responses you got
User Experience
Task types
Other aspects
Outcome focused
Based on the design stage only. However also consider feasibility of your design to be developed in the future. Discuss any issues and research needed to prove the design is feasible 
Measures of success for your app
What are you looking for (consider  your context analysis)
Product Canvas
Provide a mental model of your system in a diagram. You can adapt this to be more visual if you wan. You can use excel table provided or image below
Prototype Wire Frame
Your wireframes for your design for the rest of the semester, to be improved and expanded. Link to this that is accessible to anyone with link
Heuristic or UX Evaluation of these
No videos required, just evaluate the prototype for your next improvement and summarise the types of issues found
Implementation Plan
In the sheet provided
Team Role 
What is the role you will take in the team, what are your main skills you will contribute 
List of Roles:  
Content Strategist 
Visual Designer 
UX Researcher 
Front End Developer 
Interaction Designer 
UX Lead 
Andrew Dylan 
These are the designated roles we have chosen, some are shared due to the nature of the role, but all roles can ask for assistance at any time if needed as our team consists of people with a range of skills and experience in different roles because of previous group work.  
Team Meeting 
When will you be meeting each week and for how long 
Example one that might work (change as needed) 
Write your availability here: 
Meeting Location 

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