Prove that turks did not do armenian genocide.

I need a 6 pages of research paper about Armenian Genocide. I will supporting that Turks did not attempt to the genocide and Armenian Genocide did not occur. The paper has to have 2 secondary databasesources(published paper or newspaper). It needs to be done with in 8-9 hours after we shook our hands. It has be done 100% free plagiarism. 
The instructions are written below. You need to follow them. 
Research Essay Directions: Historical/Political Event
Choose a historical or political event that you are fascinated by, but one that also confuses you or leaves you with questions. Tell us clearly what the event is and what in particular you’d like to investigate. Once you decide what you would like to investigate, you must create a research question that your thesis statement will answer. Please do not say “my topic is the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagaski.” Frame your inquiry/question in this way: “Were the bombs necessary? Which (American or Japanese) perspectives and arguments should we believe and why?” If you are interested in the assassination of JFK or the death of Princess Diana, for example, you might want to consider reasons as to why those events are still relevant today, all these years later? In other words, you must already have some sense of the different points of view that exist on your event and be willing to inquire more deeply into these perspectives to understand them better.
You must research and write on a specific event. For instance, you cannot tell me that your topic is the Civil War. The amount of information published on the Civil War would make your head explode. Instead, pick a specific event that happened during the Civil War. For example, you could focus on one of the battles and what historic significance it has; or you could explore the death of Abraham Lincoln.
Remember, this paper must be a research paper- you are incorporating research to demonstrate your position on a broader, academic query. You are formulating an idea about this topic. For instance, if you did use the Civil War as your topic, your thesis statement may read: The assassination of Abraham Lincoln greatly impacted the reconstruction era in how he was unable to ensure that the emancipation proclamation was used to its fullest purpose. (And no, you may not use this as your thesis statement- do not even think about it.)
Each student will use a combination of three secondary sources, including a primary source from the time of the event. The two secondary sources must include one: a journal article found on the library databases, and two: a book source. The primary source can be a newspaper or journal article, or even a piece of literature from that time period reflecting on the event.
In the rough draft only, each student will state their research question at the top of the essay.
You must have a thesis statement! Without a thesis statement on your final draft, your grade will drop considerably.
Do not italicize, underline, or put quotations around the title of your paper.
You must have a creative title. Using something like, “Exploratory Essay for English Class,” will not work, and affect your grade negatively.
You may use the personal pronoun “I” in the context of describing what you are arguing. However, you may not use it in the sense that write “I think that…” or “I believe that….” Also, make sure not to use words such as “me,” “you,” “we,” “us,” etc…
No drop quotes- remember to use signal phrases.
MLA in-text citations and a works cited list will be expected. If you forget to include them, this will also affect your grade negatively.
Please follow all essay guidelines in the Essay Guidelines handout on BB.

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