Psy 290 module 7 final exam (2019)

The Final will have 50 questions each worth 2 points. You will have 1 hour and 45 minutes to take the exam.
Assessment Instructions:
This assessment has fifty questions worth 2 points each for a total of 100 points.
Once you open this assessment, you must finish it in one sitting. If you exit the quiz, the timer WILL NOT  stop. Click on 
Save Answers periodically while you are working on the assessment to save your answers. Also, the quiz must be submitted by the due date and time.
 Question 1  
Calculate the median of the following scores: 30 6 50 22 10  
Question 2
Which of the following statistical techniques evaluates the difference between the
means of two groups?
Question 3
In order to be more certain that a new treatment helps patients more so than patients
placed on a wait list, the experimenter sets the probability statistic at .01 instead of
.05. This decision could result in a(n)
 Question 4 
The data from a research study are categorized on a nominal scale and the total
response rate equals 100 percent. How would you graph these data?
 Question 5 
Calculate the mode of the following scores: 2, 5, 38, 38, 45
 Question 6 
 A(n) _______ scale possesses a true zero point. 
 Question 7 
Which of the following scales of measurement assigns events to categories?
 Question 8 
Why does the American Psychological Association encourage the addition of effect
size when reporting research findings?
 Question 9 
The correlation coefficient is a single number that represents the
. Question 10 
Effect size is a measurement of the
 Question 11 
A method of assigning research participants to groups so that each participant has an
equal chance of being in any group is 
 Question 12 
The belief that explanations of phenomena should remain simple until the simple
explanations are no longer valid refers to
 Question 13 
A researcher conducts an experiment with patients in a clinic. Group A is
randomized to receive the new experimental therapy. Group B is randomized to
receive treatment as usual, or TAU (the normal course of therapy for patients in the
clinic). The TAU group is
 Question 14 
Also known as 
assignment, _________ is a method for
assigning research participants to groups so that there is a relationship
between small numbers of participants. These groups are then randomly
assigned to treatment conditions.
 Question 15 
In an experiment, the level that does not receive the independent variable is the
_______ group.
 Question 16 
Ensuring that you avoid needlessly complicating your research question is
 Question 17 
 The blueprint for psychological experiments is called the 

 Question 50 
To investigate the effects of a new medication on weight loss among obese patients
and protect for internal validity, a researcher could utilize

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