Purpose Statement and Research Methodologies

Purpose Statement and Research Methodologies
You are a new battalion chief of a medium-sized city fire department. There are 118 sworn members of the organization assigned to the suppression division. All of the sworn members below the battalion chief belong to the International Association of Fire Fighters local union. Many of your colleagues are noticeably overweight, and the city’s insurance premiums have been on the rise for many years. The fire chief has asked you to oversee a new health and wellness initiative that will ultimately collect and analyze information on the suppression personnel related to tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and biometric information (blood pressures, cholesterol, baseline EKG, etc.). The fire chief explains that her goal is to use this information to establish new requirements for fitness for duty to ensure that “the firefighters who show up for work in the morning are not at risk of dying on duty.” She further relates that depending on what the data collected reveals, she might consider purchasing some exercise equipment for the firefighters to use. The fire chief asks you to develop and present a preliminary research proposal to her within a week.
In this assignment, you are tasked with developing an appropriate problem statement and purpose statement. Your problem and purpose statements will be shaped by the type of research you would intend to conduct (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods).
Your report should:
Identify the central research questions and subquestions and/or hypotheses.
Identify a preliminary research method.
Provide a high-level summary of how you might go about conducting a study to gather the information the fire chief wants.
Identify two possible alternative research designs that could also be used to gather the information for the fire chief in a different way.
Include what ethical concerns you would have when researching this specific topic and explain how you might overcome these ethical issues.
In 350 words, provide justification for why your chosen methodology is the most appropriate means to gather and analyze the information requested.
Cite a minimum of two outside credible sources to support your assertions, being sure to use APA format and citation guidelines.
Purpose Statement and Research Methodologies

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