Recommended Strategies for Dealing with Egypt’s Street Children Problem

Recommended Strategies for Dealing with Egypt’s Street Children Problem
The short video on the plight of the street children in Egypt’s capital Cairo by France 24 reveals the dangerous and challenging conditions that the street children are exposed to. The problem of child homelessness has plagued the country and its major cities in particular (France 24, 2017). However, the government’s responses to the problem have not been successful, leaning more towards a fire-fighting strategy that rarely addresses the root causes. I believe the government has an important role in dealing with the problem of street children. They can provide support or initiate programs like street school strategy that can equip them with life skills (Class Notes). They can gain skills in technical training in fields like carpentry, tailoring, or sports. The street children will acquire different skills and be hopeful about the future. Some of the children shown in the video have parents, and by involving them through community and family-based programs, they can be taken off the streets and be back home and in school for a better future. 
The private sector and other stakeholders can also assist in developing and maintaining drop-in centers that can provide the kids with training, recreational activities, healthcare, and other forms of support. These centers can also be designed to work as transitional places to help the children get back to their everyday lives away from the streets. The centers can offer treatment and assistance to correct other delinquent behavior and allow the children to transition to daily lives smoothly (Class Notes). However, the most sustainable approach would be adopting a preventative strategy that deals directly with the problem of poverty which is the main trigger to the street children problem. 
Indeed, the problem of street children and child homelessness is upsetting, as portrayed in the video clip. The heartbreaking scenes of young children living in a challenging environment and being at the mercy of gang leaders are distressing. Very young children are exposed to illicit drugs and deplorable living conditions at a very young age. A concerted effort by stakeholders from both the private and public sectors is needed to assist those children and develop long-term interventions to the problem.

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