Reliability And Maintainability Management Field

The core aim of preparing this report is to gather information from numerous sources in reliability and maintainability management field. However, this report consists of five main chapters that cover general information about reliability and maintainability management.  
In chapter one, different definitions and terms have been listed in details to familiarize the reader with the topic.  In addition, there is a section that is specified to clarify the needing for reliability and maintainability in plants. Due to the confusion that might happen among people about the differences between reliability and maintainability management, these differences have been explained briefly in chapter one.
In chapter two and chapter five, several helpful mathematical equations in reliability and maintainability management have been mentioned briefly and in attractive way. The reason to address these equations is to clarify the different relations and functions that are used commonly in reliability and maintainability world. In these chapters, some figures and charts have been used to simplify mathematics in reliability and maintainability management field.
In chapter four, the principle of maintainability management has been explained in details. Furthermore, this chapter has highlighted the function and organization of maintenance departments and how it is usually being organized. Also this chapter has explained the elements that lead to an effective maintenance management.

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