Renewable Energy technology projects

The Policies governing Renewable Energy technology projects are governed by a number of acts:
BC Provincial Permitting
The Geothermal act and it’s three sections: Regulations, tenures and General Regulations, Govern the various aspects of this projects operations such as: Land Tenures, permits, Leases, Licensing, exploration and environmental impact. [1]
An Environmental assessment process is required for projects that produce more the 50 MWatts of power.
Forest, Range, Road Authorizations and Permits/Tenures: for cutting down of trees for use or space.
Archaeology Assessment: Permits required under Heritage Conservation act to alter a heritage site or object.
Water Management and Licensing Water licenses are needed for power…show more content…
Interest of Individual First Nations Members: “Under the Indian Act, individual members of a First Nation may be given the right to use and occupy a parcel of reserve land….. Once approved, the individual allotment holder has “lawful possession” of a parcel of land and may be issued a Certificate of Possession as evidence of their right.  
An individual ..….. may lease the allotment to a third party, ….. All these transfers of individual allotments must be approved by the Minister.
Non-members of a First Nation cannot hold “lawful possession” of reserve lands.  Under the Indian Act, non-members can obtain rights to use or occupy reserve land by entering into leases or acquiring permits or licenses.  Leases, permits, and licences must be approved by the Band Council and the Minister and are issued by AANDC.
The Minister issues leases to non-band members. Leases are issued on behalf of the First Nation or individuals holding Certificates of Possession, and must comply with all federal laws and First Nation by-laws.
First Nations Land Management
The First Nation Land Management regime provides certain First Nations with powers to manage their reserve land and resources under their own land codes. The sections of the Indian Act dealing with land, resources and

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