Report of cop26 sampled summary

Report of cop26
The climate summit COP26 meeting, which was conducted at Glasgow having called all members globally to discuss the issues of climate change and the effect, what was discussed I response was not well attended to. Some of the members never attended and gave no reason. They address climate change which leads to poverty and weather and climate patterns. It was a significant concern since climate change impacts have been felt globally. They also acknowledged that climate change is common to all humankind. They should act for the benefits of human rights, considering equality, empowerment of women, people living with disabilities, and those in valuables communities. Welcomed ideas from all members to contribute to abolishing emissions to the atmosphere, which brings about climate changes. The ecosystem like forest oceans and biodiversity has been dramatically tempered due to climate changes. This paper shall discuss whether the cop26 was a success a failure of the middle. According to the report given y various members, cop26 was a failure, as discussed below.
It has been reported that human activities have increased at a very high rate, ad this contributes to climate change in a negative direction. The greenhouse effect has increased hence releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This leads to the formation of a blanket of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, preventing sun rays from striking the ground, increasing global warming, contributing much to climate change. The number of industries has been reported to increase, contributing to the emission of fumes into the atmosphere resulting in global warming. Many countries have said that the effect of climate change experienced is going up. Good evidence is the drought and increased precipitation encountered in any part of the world. Patterns and seasons when rain was being expected have considerably changed, resulting in bad farming timing for farmers who target the rainy season, increasing poverty.
The provision of climate finances to help fight the worsening climate has been reduced, and developing countries have faced it as a challenge. The developed countries failed to support the developing countries as agreed during the meeting. That has been a contributing factor leading to an increase in emissions. Temperatures have been recorded to be very high, especially in the year 2019 recorded high temperature than at any time 50 years (previously .” Daniel, and Erin Roberts .” (2021). Pledges made by developing countries to the developed countries about sponsoring them with funds have not been honored. This creates an effort to reduce climate change globally remain an illusion. Most of the big countries’ president is unwilling to support the discussion and stretch their hand to help.
The calls made to the multilateral development bank, financial institution, and private sector to help finances have not been responded to. Some parties involved have not yet communicated about their progress. The silent share either no significant effort done, which again tell that effort put into place have not been successful (James D. Bedford James of Plastic, Reconstructive

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