Research a prevention program from a health plan

In 400 to 500 words, address the following:
1. . (You may use your own for your response.)
2. Criticize the selected health plan prevention program using of a Strong Health Plan Prevention Program as the guideline.
TABLE 13-1 Components of a Strong Health Plan Prevention Program
-Component *Examples
-Member benefits > Immunization and screening included in benefit sets
>No copayments for preventive services or products
>Coverage for nicotine-cessation medications and weight-loss drugs
>Coverage for provider visits for tobacco use and weight management
-Services for members > Health risk assessments
>Behavior change programs
>Membership discounts at fitness centers or weight-loss programs
-Contracts with providers >Pay-for-performance programs
>Performance feedback
>Increases in taxes on tobacco products
>Clean indoor air laws
-Public policies >Complete Streets policies
3. Propose two recommendations for improving the weaknesses of the .
Support your response with at least two scholarly sources published in APA Style within the last five years.

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