Research Essay about the movie OLD

Research Essay about the movie OLD
Research and use a variety of sources to produce an insightful argument about the meaning, function, and significance of a specific “monstrous” element of a film of your selection i.e. the movie. Your analysis of the film must critically engage with existing arguments about the film and theoretical “conversations” related to the film. Your essay should show familiarity with the work of experts and all sources should be documented using the MLA in-text citation method. A strong essay of this sort typically draws on no fewer than seven (7) sources.
Research Essay about the movie OLD
Put simply, you will write an “intellectual review” of your film, one that focuses on a “monstrous” aspect of the film.
Its should be at least 1900 words.
Continue to work on the goals from the first two assignments: use the introduction to orient the reader and identify an intellectual problem/question embodied in an appropriate exhibit; formulate a strong main claim; establish a clear motive; maintain a coherent structure; support your argument with evidence and reasons; write in a fluent and clear style; smoothly integrate argument and theoretical sources; explain key terms; offer an interesting and informative title.
Contextualize your exhibit by using sources to frame it within:
a specific sociohistorical context
a specific genre, class, or trend
a specific debate or scholarly conversation
Make sure that the stance of your argument is clear—that readers know where your essay stands in the existing conversation(s) about your exhibit.
Analyze pertinent aspects of your exhibit(s) in order to draw cogent conclusions.
Offer an analysis of argument and theoretical sources, interpreting their
central claims, evaluating their arguments, and explaining their significance in terms of your own claim.
Reflect on and complicate your argument: consider counterevidence, counter-interpretations, counterarguments, anomalies, and draw out implications.

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