Review the example in appendix e and the additional examples on pp.

Example 2.5 Pseudocode for the Sale Price Program
The initial pseudocode for the Sale Price program might look as follows:
Input Data module
Input ItemName, OriginalPrice, DiscountRate
Perform Calculations module
Compute SalePrice
Compute TotalPrice
Output Results module
Output the input data and TotalPrice
Then we refine and add detail to each module, which gives us the following version
of the pseudocode:
Input Data module
Prompt for ItemName, OriginalPrice, DiscountRate
Input ItemName, OriginalPrice, DiscountRate
Perform Calculations module
Set AmountSaved = OriginalPrice * (DiscountRate/100)
Set SalePrice = OriginalPrice – AmountSaved
Set Tax = SalePrice * .065
Set TotalPrice = SalePrice Tax
Output Results module
Write ItemName
Write OriginalPrice
Write DiscountRate
Write SalePrice
Write Tax
Write TotalPrice
this is just the example.

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