Role of Teaching in strategic learning

Role of Teaching in strategic learning
The importance of language learning strategy has been recognised, and scholars are working to understand its nature and role. Over the period of time, the role of teachers and their contribution to this issue has been analysed. However, there is a lack of evidence to support how teachers deal with it. There is an interdependent relationship between the teachers and the learners in order to achieve successful outcomes. Teachers play an essential role in developing a strategy to help the learners develop their learning skills and knowledge. Teaching plays an essential role in strategic learning as it is dependent on various factors such as teachers’ perceptions, beliefs, and ideas towards teaching language. Another factor is age, gender, qualifications, experiences in teaching and the school where they work matters a lot as well. All these aspects act as a decisive influencing factor for developing teaching approaches and practices for facilitating knowledge and materials (Psaltou-Joycey et al., 2018). There is much strategic information present which is vital in promoting language learning. However, there is a lack of evidence present if teachers are using them or not. Even if they are using it is hard to know what strategies they are undertaking and how they are putting it to practice. 

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