Sales Promotion And Advertising Presentation

This assignment emphasizes two elements of the promotional mix: advertising and .
Select a company to research that is different from the one you selected in Week 1 but that competes in the same industry. For this assignment, you will compare this company to the one selected in Week 1. ( I attached my week 1 assignment)
Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation comparing the sales promotions and advertisements of your two selected companies. as a way to indicate what is spoken and to expand on the slide content you create. Notes should be notes, not a full script.
Answer the following questions in your presentation:
How do the two selected companies’ sales promotions and advertising compare?How do you is coordinated with advertising in these companies?What is the comparative role of the consumer sales promotion programs and objectives in marketing communications between the two selected companies?Cite at least two references other than the course texts.
Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.
Present your Sales Promotion and Advertising presentation.
For Online and , these are Microsoft PowerPointpresentations with speaker notes.Submit your assignment to the .

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