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Knowing your school and community’s unique demographics will help you develop your understanding and effectiveness as a teacher. Research contextual factors consisting of demographic and logistical information about your community, school district, school, and students. Organize this information into a demographic report of 1,000-1,250 words. Summarize the relationship, importance, and impact of this data to your success as a student teacher. The report should include the following district and school data:
 1. State Department of Education assessment scores and performing labels
 2. Adequate yearly progress (AYP) and school improvement status
3. School report card, enrollment, ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic information
 4. District and school mission and vision
5. The demographic data of the students in your class, e.g., number of students, gender, ELL, SPE, and academic levels Locate and include other pertinent district and school information, including student and staff handbooks, school map, daily schedule, calendar, traditions, programs, parental involvement activities, and district and/or school behavioral programs, policies, and procedures.
 Address geographic location, stability of community, community support for education, and other environmental factors. After you have amassed this information, critically consider the following points: 1. What are the most important points of information that are imperative for a new teacher to know? 2. How will this information affect your teaching and interactions with students, staff, and community? 3. How does this data inform your effectiveness as a teacher? 4. How will the differences and similarities of the students in your classroom impact your daily interactions, instruction, planning, and classroom management plan? 5. What management and engagement strategies will be utilized to address the diverse needs of your students? Include charts or graphs if applicable

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