Senge’s change management model

Senge’s change management model
The change management model by Peter Senge is one of the most relevant and commonly used change models that is used by organisations. In his book, Senge explains the process of change with the help of biological and ecological metaphors. It is more like why different seeds grow in different shoes and sizes due to evolution as they have to survive. According to Molineux (2018), there are several challenges that an organisation will face while implementing the change. These challenges will arise as people will not have the time to work on the change, do not support the implementation of the change or when the employees simply do not understand the change. There will be resistance to the whole process as well, and this will happen due to the various aspects that will be going through the employees. There will be a sense of loss of job security followed by a lack of trust and control among the employees as well. After the successful implementation of the change, there will be positive and negative feedback which the organisation has to utilise to understand the workforce and the operation in a better way. 
Current change process in the company: Tesco Plc is going through an incremental change as they are working on bringing new changes in their business practices and operations. Lewin’s Change model is found to be the best fit for the organisation as it is more relevant to their practices. Tesco is currently working on introducing innovation to their process, and therefore in order to do that, they have to unfreeze their previous practices. By doing so, they can identify their weak areas and work on them to determine the kind of change they want to introduce in their process. After determining the change and implementing the same, the organisation can then refreeze the new process accordingly. Refreezing the process requires active communication and interaction with the employees of the organisation as well as all the related stakeholders. Encouraging feedback from the entire team will help to understand the effectiveness of the change along with determining the future steps for the company. 

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