Since its illegality, marijuana legalizatio

Since its illegality, marijuana legalization has been a subject of anxiety for politicians and marijuana supporters. There are countless passionate disputes on both sides of the issue, and the subject is extremely divisive. Some say that marijuana is an unethical narcotic that leads to criminal behavior; others argue that marijuana is medically beneficial and that its prohibition leads to more criminal activity. I will argue that marijuana should be legalized in this post because it has no proven bad effects and can considerably cut law enforcement expenditures.
Medical marijuana treats many aches, pains, and illnesses, including glaucoma. Marijuana use has also been found in trials to improve the health and well-being of those with HIV and AIDS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, no conclusive studies reveal major health risks solely as a result of marijuana use, as long as it is used responsibly (as with any other drug). As a result, because it is not hazardous, it should not be restricted from being purchased.
Marijuana prohibition has been proven to be damaging to the environment. Illegal marijuana growers have been accused of using banned chemicals, rerouting streams, and dumping hazardous waste in state and national parks. Cannabis would be grown in the sun in a perfect world, naturally and sustainably. That is not the case, however. Growers frequently use herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides, which can be harmful to the environment if not properly disposed of. Many of these goods are flushed down drains or poured out when cannabis is banned for fear of being caught by law enforcement and prosecuted.
Marijuana legalization has the potential to reduce rather than increase crime. Because marijuana is illegal, the only way for people to get it is through illegal means, such as working with drug traffickers who smuggle it into the country regularly and have other markets and criminal operations than marijuana smuggling. As a result, it regularly leads to the criminalization of otherwise well-adjusted people simply because they want to use marijuana. If marijuana were legalized, anyone who wanted it would be able to get it safely and legally. It would lead to fewer examples of desperate people stealing and associating with the wrong people, leading to violence and death to obtain anything.
Based on the statistics and arguments presented in this essay, marijuana should be considered a legal drug. Legalizing marijuana would provide medicinal aid to those who need it, save the government money on law enforcement and jail costs, and keep those who merely want marijuana out of prison. Marijuana has no negative impacts, and hence there is no rational reason to keep it illegal. If marijuana were declared illegal, many problems with the criminal justice system and the economy would be solved.

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