SMUJSL Marketing Questions

SMUJSL Marketing Questions

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#1 What is Marketing? Describe it in your OWN WORDS. How important you think it is for a company and its products?
#2 How did Social Media (Facebook&Instagram&Twitter) change the advertising and promotion techniques?  When can social media exposure bring negative publicity?
#3 Millenials (Generation Y) and Baby Boomers are two very different demographic groups.
Which in your opinion is the best way to reach out to each one of those groups?
#4 Explain in your own words the following –
Causal Research
Primary Data
#5 What is business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing and what are their major differences?
#6 List and explain in your own words 3 kinds of Market Segmentation.
#7 What is the product life cycle? List three of the five stages and explain what occurs in each stage.
#8 Describe and explain in your own words 3 pricing strategies. Which one would you prefer to use?
#9 Explain what is a Direct Marketing Channel and an Indirect Marketing Channel.
#10 In your own words describe  two of the following four :
Off-price Retailer.
#11 What is competitive advantage and what are some ways you can achieve it?
#12 Explain in your own words –

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