Social Awareness Advertising Discussion

Social Awareness Advertising Discussion
Essay 1 Visual Analysis
Social awareness advertising is designed to help increase understanding of an issue. The argumentative appeals (logos, pathos, ethos) are used to move the audience to respond to an issue or problem.
Locate a social awareness ad about an issue of interest. The ad should have both pictures and words. Be sure you have a copy of the ad, as you will need to include the image in/with your essay. You can find social awareness ads by using Google. You may also use a video of a social awareness ad from YouTube.
Write a 3 – 3 ½ page essay plus a works cited page explaining your ad and the organization that produced it. You need to include information about the organization and its philosophy. Do not just write “what you know” about the organization. Google it. Document it. Use it as a source in your essay. If you cannot find anything specific about the organization that sponsored your ad, tell in general what type of organization it is.
POSSIBLE ISSUES TO CONSIDER IN THE ESSAY: Why is this ad effective? Discuss the argumentative appeals (logos, pathos, and ethos). Discuss the balance of photo and words. Why does the ad work? Could the ad be improved?
Do not be limited by these questions! Use your brain.
Your essay should have at least three sources. One source should be the ad itself. The other two sources may be about the organization, the issue, or whatever other information you need. Remember that the works cited is a separate page. The works cited is double spaced. Sample works cited pages with correct MLA formatting are available in your textbook! Use them. Do not make up your own formatting.
Do not use contractions (shouldn’t, don’t, etc). Do not use first or second person (I, we, or you). Third person only.
Essay is due February 25 at 11:59 PM. If you need any help with the essay during the week, ask about it in class or make an appointment for a virtual meeting.
Submit your essay to Blackboard. Remember that you can receive 5 extra points on your essay if you visit the Writing Center or use the Online Writing Lab.
After your essay is returned, you may correct your paper and receive ½ of your points back that you missed the first time. This is not required, but it recommended.

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