Social determinants of health summary

The United States has been on the front line leading other nations in development. Over a long time, United has been faced the problem of addressing health care to its citizens. A social problem can be defined as a problem affecting many people and is considered a behavior that needs to be addressed. The current social problem that is impacting the United States is about health care. Research carried on in the year 2014 reported that out of the total population in the united state, 32.9 percent had no medical insurance cover. Those who had it never helped them as much as their expectations were (Moorhead, S. A., Hazlett entl (2013). As the population increases, the cost of accessing health care increases, leading to the emergence of that social problem. Inflated cost in health care makes it hard for citizens to access the care comfortably.
Physicians in the United state says that nearly 59 percent of the people have more difficulties in paying the fee for the care and 31 percent claims that they get the medical care attention late and are poor due to late payment(Goodman, A. C.,

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