Social Media Philosophy Essay Assignment

Social Media Philosophy Essay Assignment
To write on this topic, you will need access to Netflix.
After watching The Social Dilemma, write an essay that approaches one or more of the issues raised in the film from a specifically ethical perspective. I emphasize this focus because one could easily write an essay about the issues raised in the film while never discussing anything about ethics. Your essay should be explicitly philosophical; to achieve this focus, you should discuss issues from the film in relation to philosophers/moral theories you have encountered thus far in our course. Obviously, many of the philosophers you have read never heard of computers, let alone Facebook or Google (though of course, contemporary philosophers have), but that doesn’t mean that their ideas cannot be connected to the issues we face today. In addition to discussing specific points from the film, your essay must include reference to at least one reading from our text as well as at least one reference to an article/entry in either The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy or The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, through quotation and/or paraphrase.
Regardless of the topic you choose, your essay must include the following:
• A heading done according to MLA
• An original title
• An introductory paragraph that contains your thesis (see this VERY
helpful advice on how to write your intro/begin your essay, and if you are
unsure of how to write a thesis, read this advice on developing a thesis)
• Body paragraphs that develop and support your thesis (here is some
excellent advice on how to structure body paragraphs)
• A minimum of 4 full pages (your works cited page doesn’t count as a
• A conclusion (see this VERY helpful advice on how to conclude your
Your essay should be double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font; your paper should be written in Standard English and done in MLA format. You must include a MLA works cited page that includes all sources referenced in your essay.

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