Social Media Project Plan Communication

Communication goals

Keep the stakeholders informed about the project’s progress, including the timeline, budget and project needs.
Provide precise details about any decisions that need to be made or any roadblocks
Give opportunities for the feedback given by stakeholders
To make stakeholders have an acceptance of the project details.

Types of communication
During this project, different types of communication will be used to ensure that all stakeholders get the correct information at the right to help maintain the intended purpose and goal of the budget. 
Weekly Zoom Meetings
Zoom meetings with the project team leader and the parent organization to discuss the progress and any questions related to the project. During the meeting, the following items must be addressed; timeline and any budget flags, what stage has been completed, the stage in current progress, deliverables that require approval and any questions about deliverables.Weekly email reports
Emails will be sent on Mondays with details on the budget burn, timeline specifics, any information that needs review and approval, and the list of the next steps.
Major milestone meetings
Such meetings will be held twice a month to review the significant milestones that have been made in the project. This meeting information should be communicated three or four days in advance with the meeting agenda, attendees required and the deliverables summary. The meetings should follow a specific format; agenda review, team lead presentation, any questions or discussion, and the next steps. After the meeting, an email should be sent with minutes and the action items. Links to deliverables should be shared in case any reviews are needed. After the deliverables are approved, the email links will be shared with all the stakeholders.

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