Social studies standard and an arts standard

Details: can be a fun way to engage students and involve families in their childrens education. Planning for such an event in your classroom is a big task and takes time and preparation. Preparing for assignments and to detail, realistic and specific expectations, and practice.
Part 1: Outline
Select a grade level 5-8 and outline a lesson that integrates social studies and the arts, and turns the classroom into a wax museum as an instructional activity. The outline given to the students should provide the rationale for the assignment, explain the requirements to successfully complete the assignment, and describe how to present the wax museum to peers and families.
Include the following in the outline for the wax museum activity:
A state social studies standard and an arts standard.
Learning objectives
Description of how and where the wax museum will be presented, including how it successfully integrates two visual arts components (art, music, dance, drama).
Expectations for the student that explain the requirements, i.e., select a historical figure that has had an influence locally or globally.
How students will present selected figure visually and physically.
Guidelines for students on using technology to find and as preparation for the wax museum presentation.
The technological tools you would use to share this event with the school, families, and the community.
Part 2: Reflection
In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on how the wax museum outline could be successfully integrated into a future classroom. How does this assignment expand verbal communication techniques, including inquiry, collaboration, and student interaction?
APA format is not required, but is expected.

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