Social work leadership Concept

Social work leadership is defined as the capability to work with communities, families, groups, and individuals creatively and effectively with the sole aim to address their problems and achieve social change and justice[u1] [u2] . The rampant rise in the cases of gender, religious, ethnic, and other forms of discrimination always drive my desire to gain cultural competence, which will be part of the DSW course. Therefore, I will work comfortably with people from different backgrounds and who hold distinct ideologies from mine.
I am inspired by the fact that the world needs leaders with a Social Work background. Those who understand the values and goals of the profession are ready to shape their future and the world. Every evening when I sit to watch the news, there is always a story that needs a Social Work leader intervention. I feel that the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the leadership gap in the social work profession. It is high time to declare leadership as an integral part of the field, and when aspiring leaders like me are equipped with the appropriate expertise, we will be able to elevate the practice standards and improve the status.
Gender-based violence is a significant concern for me as it has depicted a constant rise in our households, institutions, and workplaces as the years’ progress[u3] . That is why I began an initiative to mentor young boys and girls, as mentioned earlier. This pandemic has increased the susceptibility to violence for both genders, especially during the lockdown. Mobilizing young men and women at a tender age to create awareness about GBV has turned them into agents of change. I plan to develop laws and reforms that prohibit all forms of violence, whether physical, sexual, or emotional. The other goal is to establish a platform where everyone can learn about this menace and victims can seek help. A DSW will provide me with endless opportunities to explore my passion for Social work leadership. I view this as a milestone towards making the world a better place for everyone and effect the much-needed change. Knowledge is power, so furthering my education will grant me the jurisdiction to advocate for social justice with confidence. 

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