Socio-economic impact of tourism.

Tourism is a vital industry contribute greatly to the economy in many countries. But also causes significant environmental damage. Should this be a concern of governments? DISCUSS.
Tourism is an industry providing both enjoyment pleasure and employment for millions of people in the world. I believe tourism especially the nature bring not only economic value but also dangerous ecology for the countries especially for those which are not too strong for the point of view of industry and economic development, which are very attractive by their historical places. The present paper is devoted to the discussion of the environmental impacts of tourism. And. Contain discussion of economic benefits of tourism compared to the ecology.…show more content…
This mean that total expenditure will increase this season.
The existence of numerous of tourism industry testified to a variety needs. These organization fulfil the needs of operators as individuals to share concerns. To be supported by similar view and to obtain business information’s. Success with an industry organization such as, job variety and bring measure publicity. The reason for the existence of industry associations are not limited to communication needs. If they did not exist the government need to great them. In sociological and political context, industry organization are need for efficient communication and networking, the industry organization in a parallel political sense are needed by individual operators, as a source of combined power for protection of their interest and the promotion of tourism sector as an economic and community resource.(AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION OF TRAVEL AGENTS(AFTA)WEBSITE;AFTA  http.//
Socio-economic impact of tourism.
Tourism as a social progress and economic activity has been found to be a blessing particularly in poor development countries. The impact of tourism are felt especially in the third world. The impact has two dimension that is negative and positive. Of course controversies surround some of assumed impacts. Tourism facilities rather

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