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 use  well-structured arguments to persuade the audience of what we believe  to be the truth using evidence from authoritative, unbiased sources as  justification. 
 Choose an issue you’d like to convince other people of and find sources that will be the foundation for the Week 7 Infographic. Use the attached Source Evaluation Worksheet to complete this assignment  
Part I: Choose a topic.
Describe the topic, concept, idea, or approach that is going to be the central idea of the Week 7 Infographic. There is no minimum word count but please use several well thought-out sentences to make your point.
Part II: Source Evaluation Worksheet

Find  a minimum of three (3) sources; two (2) academic sources from the APUS  library and one (1) article (quality online or newspaper article).
Annotate  your list of sources, i.e. explain what you hope to get out of these  readings and how it will help you argue your point.
For this assignment, do not use the website sources you used in the Week 3 Discussion.
Follow the format found in the Source Evaluation Worksheet. 

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