Standardised marketing strategies summary

Standardised marketing strategies are mainly generally implemented by those companies who operate their business in one or more countries. Generally, the MNC companies possess their central office headquarters in their home countries, but the branches are expanded globally. Simply exporting the products for the purpose of selling does not make an organisation multinational (Yu and Hu, 2020). By implementing strategies of standardised marketing, the MNC organisation uses factors of marketing mix such as promotion, price placement, and products for selling their goods globally. This particular approach of standardisation decreases the operational costs of the MNC companies (Brotspies and Weinstein, 2019). However, this aspect, on the other hand, decreases the expectation of the company of acquiring maximum space in the market, however the size of the market becomes portable, but it generates unique programs for each Nation where the company operates. In the current situation, the businesses ten to extend their business across the globe and make a globalised entity, and for this, they need to provide proper marketing messages in order to attract customers and promote their products and services to the new market. In order to enter the new market, international brands adopt standardised stargates in their marketing and get economies of scale in order to save their cost (Kalogiannidis and Mavratzas, 2020). The main advantages of the standardised and alter their marketing message in order to enter a new market, as it boosts productivity and provides the potentiality to make a successful expansion in other countries. In order to enter a new market, companies need to consider a plan that provides them the path to use the proper mode of sponsorship in order to do marketing of their products and services. The mode of marketing depends on the planning of expansion and the products and services of the company. People attracted towards international brands and the altar of their brands make different changes as well as provide benefits in order to improve their management and design that attract customers and make them potential ones. On the other hand, new strategies and new infrastructure are important for businesses that increase the new customers in the new market, and they get success and development. Marketing is an important strategy to get a new and strong customer base that increases the quality of products and services and facilitates the marketing and exportation of products and services (Shtal et al., 2018). Standardisation is important for marketing for international brands that increase selling and buying activities and make it easy and effective for the businesses after entering a new market. The marketing standardisation increases the brand name by seeing samples of the products with the help of proper marketing. On the other hand, the process leads to cost-saving activities that increase their brand value and productivity that make several changes in the initial stages of expansion. Despite having multiple advantages, it has some drawbacks that make the marketing process fail sometimes. The main disadvantage is the fewer parts of the purchasing routine in order to deal with the manufacturing designs. It is sometimes risky for new market entry, and the international brands should focus on the proper marketing in this initial stage of their expansion process (Watson et al., 2018). This makes changes in their strategic move as there are different people with different cultural backgrounds in which the companies need to focus on the new strategies for the new entry in the new market expansion, which should be different from their present management style. On the other hand, it is important for the companies to adopt innovation and introduce the new market with new things that can be helpful for the customers (Neubert, 2018). The planning and strategy should be based on the product and service adaptation that increases the international brand value as well as provide more productivity. The other drawback of the new expansion is the less identification of the new culture and customer’s purchasing behaviour that makes changes in the process of the new market. In this situation, the international brand should focus on the behaviour of purchases that attract the customers in the new market as well as the increasing market value to help them in their marketing process (Paul and Mas, 2020). In addition, after identifying the marketing value and purchasing behaviour of customers, the international brand should increase their marketing and strategic process that help them to get a new position and new customer base in order to get success in the new market after entering. 

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