Statistics for evidence-based practice in nursing

Global Burden of disease research—– Obesity
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Which translation model provides a framework for practice change?
Evidence-based practice is a translation model in healthcare that results in practice change. EBP refers to the conscientious use of current best evidence and clinical expertise and values to make health care decisions (Kim et al. 2020). EBP is being applied in many healthcare institutions to achieve the best patient outcomes. It promotes service quality and efficacy and thus minimizes the likelihood of harm. In addition, it leads to an increase in knowledge among health experts and hence better decision making. EBP starts with inquiry and challenges the existing systems. It involves identifying weaknesses and engaging in thorough research to find solutions (Kim et al. 2020). In this regard, it is the best model that could lead to practice change. 
What is the value of an interprofessional team to address this practice problem?
To address the Burden of disease research, particularly Obesity, interprofessional teams are essential. These teams are made up of people from different professions in healthcare. For example, the team could be nutritionists, cardiologists, and fitness experts. Although they play different roles, when they research at an individual level and share the knowledge acquired with the team, they can solve the obesity problem. When different professionals come together, there is a pool of skills that can enhance the problem-solving process (Wei et al.2020). Each of them brings along meaningful insights that enable the team to address the problem more effectively. They also provide alternative approaches to a problem, thus increasing efficiency. 
What strategies can you implement to inspire others to embrace change?
To inspire others to embrace change, I would first define the problem at hand, its causes and consequences if not addressed. In this step, I would include evidence of factors that necessitate the change. By so doing, people would start brainstorming on addressing the issue. At the exact time when their minds are racing, I would state the possible remedy or solution to the problem. Lastly, I would use emotional intelligence to drive people to accept the change. This includes listening to their opinions, acknowledging their perspective, and later defending mine (Grol

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