Strategic Marketing Objectives And Target Market

Strategic Marketing Objectives And Target Market
Topic: Qantas Airline
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction. State the background information, current situation facing the firm and other relevant issues.
3. Strategic Marketing Objectives and Target Market: Objectives of the marketing plan, marketing strategies, target markets and major marketing problem and issues.
4. Environmental Analysis: Identify the broader situation affecting the company including demographics, technology, innovation, economic characteristics and forces of change and attractiveness of the industry.
5. Competitor Analysis. Identify the market share, profitability, growth, share price etc. You can show information specific to the company as well as comparing with competitors. Show financial reports in comparing competitors. Present information using various types of graphs, figure, pie charts etc. You do not need to write about other companies’ mission, objectives, marketing strategy etc.
6. Internal/ SWOT Analysis. Identify the firm’s resources, capabilities, core competencies, value chain activities, financial condition, current marketing strategies and objectives and SWOT analysis.
7. Recommendations. Provide alternative marketing strategies and recommend specific strategies.
8. Conclusion. Write final conclusion.
(here you just need to write this three points 3,4 and 5)
Additional Case Analysis( The case is in the other attached file)
Make a comparative analysis with other competitors in the market in terms of growth, market share and financial performance such as profits and compare last several years.
For example, if you have selected “Apple” then you need to make a comparative study of Dell, HP, Toshiba, Compaq and other major competitors. Similarly, you need to compare “Qantas” with other major airline companies such as Malaysian airlines, Singapore airline, Cathy pacific, British Airline etc.
Show information using various types of graphs, figure, charts (bar/pie), tables, time series analysis etc. Do not copy graphs, figure, charts (bar/pie), tables, time series analysis but create them using excel.
Project should present global information and how it is performing overall globally. However, certain situations, you can show regional or country specific information.
You need to use APA referencing style. However, you can use any other style consistently. Use multiple source of information including journals, books, Internet. Make sure that you use balanced source of information meaning that you do not use only internet or book as a source.
It is illegal to copy from the internet or any other sources but use reference/source.
Assignment should be printed in colour printer to clearly show the graphs and figures

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