Strategies to Encourage Employees to Collaborate

For the organization to create effective brands, it is imperative that employees work together, which requires the utilization of three strategies. First, the organization may use social media to enhance the collaboration of workers. Social media could be defined as a group of internet-based applications that enable the exchange of user-generated content (3). The common forms of social media include Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube. On the other hand, collaboration could be defined as a cooperative process where people have common goals and interests that they aim to attain by exploring new ideas. For the collaboration to be effective, it is essential for the participants to feel free to share their ideas, have high transparency and flexibility. The main features of social media that make it ideal for fostering collaboration are flexibility, ease of use, visibility, flexibility, and immediacy (3). Consequently, it may be used to communicate the goal of creating an effective brand, encourage employees to contribute their ideas, and discuss those that are suggested by peers to build an effective brand. 
Secondly, the organization may reward employees who come up with effective solutions to enhance the company’s brand. For instance, an intrapreneurial program may be created where employees whose ideas are approved are allowed to implement them and share into the profits that they generate. Intrapreneurship may motivate employees to work in teams as they will be rewarded if their projects are successful (4). Finally, the organization may use collaborative tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google presentation to share the progress of their task and to view the work done by other teammates. Consequently, the teammates may collaborate in real-time when exploring strategies to enhance the company’s brand.

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