Student Learning Outcomes

Academic tone – avoid: 2nd person/the written “you”; slang, clichés/overused phrases;vague wordd choicess (a lot, stuff, things) and absolutes (always, every, never, since the beginning of time 
750 word 

PROMPT #1 – All of the Student Learning Outcomes for this course, in some way, are based on the idea of critical thinking skills. Students must think critically in order to develop ideas, synthesize sources, analyze & interpret texts, use those texts logically, communicate the information clearly, & cite the information properly. Critical thinking requires students to examine all aspects of an idea, as well as their own biases & views so that they can clearly address the information. Write n assignment* in which you argue why critical thinking skills are important for someone going for your degree or the career you plan to get after graduation. Please include specific examples to discuss how you have demonstrated critical thinking & research skills in your classes/career thus far.

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