Studying at IDC University

Studying at IDC University
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When I was young, I wanted to study communications. I had ideas in my mind about communications. I wondered which was the best university to study. I knew that the course I wanted to study was offered in many universities worldwide, but I was still contemplating which one was the best. This issue lingered on my mind until I learned about IDC University in Israel. My curiosity drove me from New York to Israel to be in touch with IDC University. I prefer to study at IDC University because it is one of the first-class universities in the world.
When I moved to Israel, my life changed. I had the opportunity to learn my true potential. I realized that I am endowed with better skills than the people I admire in my life. I realized I could learn new communication skills quickly; learn a new skills like playing musical instruments and a new sport. I gained more cultural awareness. Living in Israel made me aware of the new and fascinating cultures, especially in Israel. As I walked down the streets, I could hear multiple languages. 
When I opened up to become more globally, I found a new world of possibilities before me. I learned new languages and communication skills. I learned about communicating with other people of different cultures and origins. Better career opportunities availed as I stayed in Israel. As I lived in Israel, I understood the global market trends and the importance of interacting with different cultures, which presented unlimited opportunities. Moving from New York to Israel allowed me to study at a different university. Studying abroad will provide new global opportunities and a more comprehensive professional prospect. Moving to Israel builds my character, which builds my career prospects better.
I am drawn to IDC University to study communications. My communications degree will enable me to develop further my creativity. I will also acquire the skill of being flexible at work. A degree in central communications will enable me to work in marketing and advertising, politics and government, and foreign relations. It will help me excel in other jobs. The payment and job prospects in central communications are respectable. A degree in communications significant will enable me to blueprint ways to solve problems. People are taught ways to get all solutions to any given problem. I will be able to communicate in multiple ways. I will also adapt to my environment to know when I need to be professional or business casual. My body language towards other people can be a difference in a problem being solved. I will have the ability to inform and be informed. 
Central communications enable a person to develop the ability to listen and develop confidence. Communication major develops a person’s power to persuade. Critical ways of persuasion like body language appealing to the audience are better learned in communications. Sway people’s minds can lead to great success in professional and individual aspects of my life. Communication offers many career options. Graduands can apply the degree to many mass media opportunities. The competence acquired in communication can be applied in many different fields. Someone’s idea about the world is expanded into a global mindset. I believe that deciding to pursue a degree in central communications will be the best decision to make. 

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