Supply Chain Management Homework Help

Supply Chain Management Homework Help
In page 5 of the textbook’s PPT on Chapter 9, compare and contrast these activities with the ones we learned in Porter’s value chain. The PPT then discusses contract manufacturing and 3PL. Learn what they are then continue to learn the following terms: efficient supply chain, responsive supply chain, push vs. pull, postponement (what would be an example?), green supply chain (inc. reverse logistics), and VMI (watch video later on). You may skip the location slides.
In chapter 15 PPT, look for ways to define and measure service quality. Understand the 5 dimensions of service quality and how it applies in your experience as a customer. Google Deming and Juran to learn about their contributions to quality management. Learn to distinguish between internal vs. external failures and assess their costs. Learn to use the Pareto Diagram (watch video later on) and the Root Cause Analysis to improve quality. What’s the philosophy of Kaizen?
I tell stories of supply chains from ancient times to modern days in the supply chain PPT. Just go over the slides and watch the embedded videos to learn about supply chains. Are you aware of the food mile reduction and what it means to be a localvore? What can you do to reduce food-miles?
In my quality PPT, what are the lessons learned in slides 4 and 5? And slide 10? As a manager, how would you assess the costs of doing something vs. the costs of not doing something? From Infiniti’s example, can you show a few fool-proof applications?
Watch and find the messages in the P

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