Swot Analysis Of Anz Bank

Company Overview: The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ Bank) was first opened as Bank of Australia in Sydney in 1835. It then established an office in Melbourne in 1838 which is the place its present base camp is found. ANZ works in 33 countries globally with portrayal in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East. ANZ is the third biggest bank in Australia, the biggest keeping money bunch in New Zealand and Pacific, and among the best 20 banks on the planet. It gives a scope of banking and financial products and services to more than 9 million clients and utilizes more than 50,000 individuals around the world. It gives a range of banking and financial services to more than 9 million…show more content…
They feel the existing economy is growing but at a slower than expect pace and hence monetary policy needs to be accommodative. They believe low interest rates support borrowing and spending. Trans-Tasman Council was established in 2005 to harmonize banking regulations. This council allowed Australia and New Zealand regulatory frameworks to operate smoothly. A reciprocal legislation passed in these two countries which required supervisors in each country when taking regulatory action, which would help to avoid disruption of financial stability of the other country. This would minimize distortions created by different regulatory mechanisms and improve the efficiency of the banking sector of these countries.
1. Economic implications of ageing population: Australia is confronting a dual challenge of developing and maturing and ageing population which is expected to touch 40 million by 2055 with almost 25% of the population or 10 million being 65 or more. With its ageing population, Australia should increase its profitability to guarantee continued development and improvement. There is a requirement for more productivity in funding the economy and major players such as ANZ in the banking and financial services sectors have a noteworthy part to play in this.
2. Changes in economy and effect on banking: The economy is a multi-speed economy and clients are acquiring less and funding costs are increasing. ANZ needs to put greater emphasis on profitability and

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