Teamwork and Employee Participation

Teamwork and Employee Participation
Servant leaders are also excellent at making their employees feel as though their voices and thoughts are valued. When you encourage your team to work as one unit and suggest new ideas to help improve the organization, you demonstrate that you appreciate what they have to say and value their collective contributions towards the organization’s success. This element can boost your employee’s morale to put in their best effort, resulting in higher-quality work.
Create a Trusting Environment
According to Forbes, trust is an essential element in any organization. A leader fosters a culture of trust by clearly showing everyone the mission, the values they must uphold, and the company company’s long-term goals. Trust is built by being unequivocal about everything in the organization. All communications should be specific and distributed to all company levels using a proper chain of command method. As a leader, you should be transparent and objective in running the organization’s affairs and setting an example for the team. Transparency fosters trust, which directly affects the company company’s success. Remember that trust is two-way. It must be earned and not given.

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