Term 5 Week 8 Discussions

Term 5 Week 8 Discussions
Week 8 Discussion Board (BUS6750 International Business Management)
Part 1 – All Chapters 1-17: Pick a chapter, one topic area, and discuss.
Part 2: Discuss your perspective on global business regarding the global economy, using the USA economy as a prime example. When done, answer the question: Does global business hurt or improve the USA economy? 
Unit 8 DB: Considerations (CTC301 Professional Success Seminar)
There is a lot to consider when making a career decision. After viewing the LinkedIn Learning video Negotiating Your Job Offer and then completing the form Getting Clear on What You want, consider these questions:
What are your      top 3 must-haves and top 3 walkaways when considering a career/job offer?
Describe what      is the biggest consideration for you in determining a good career fit. How      negotiable is that for you? Explain.

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